Announcing ACTION's Fall Pre-Landing Program, InterACTION: Circularity 2021

July 14th, 2021

The next edition of ACTION's Pre-Landing program, InterACTION: Circularity 2021, will be held remotely from October 21st through November 18th. It is open to international cleantech/sustainability, marine, and life science startups that are interested in exploring US market entry opportunities. Reports indicate that the circular economy financing market is taking off. Assets managed through public equity funds with the circular economy as the sole or partial investment focus have increased sixfold, from USD $0.3B to over USD $2B since 2020.

The program will connect international startups with technologies and products related to materials re-use, resource efficiency and recovery, and waste to value, with US collaborators for pilots, commercial opportunities and capital. International startups with innovative technologies related to mobility / automotive, tech for construction / sustainable building, supply-chain / industrial processes, circular material flows (including plastics, marine, aquaculture, fishing industry waste, and batteries), alternative raw materials (bio-based materials, non-virgin raw materials), or digital tools hare invited to apply. The program will be run with partners NOVA Saint-Gobain, UMass Dartmouth, and SeaAhead. SeaAhead will award the company most ready for internationalization with six months of membership at the SeaAhead incubator. The program is made possible through a grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration. Early-bird applications are accepted through August, and the final application deadline is September 27th. Visit the ACTION webpage for details and to apply.