ACTION Innovation Network and Blue Institute Labs Announce Program Award for InterACTION Bluetech 2021

March 17th, 2021

ACTION Innovation Network and Blue Institute Labs are pleased to announce the program awardee for the InterACTION Bluetech 2021 program, Max Echeverria, Founder and CEO of Eskuad, based in Concepción, Chile. Made possible through a Department of Commerce Economic Development Regional Innovation Strategies i6 grant, the InterACTION Bluetech 2021 program is offered to international bluetech startups that are ready to initiate an expansion in the US in Massachusetts/New England, one of the main innovation ecosystems worldwide, or wish to leverage the knowledge and resources in the area and generate new business opportunities. Six international companies participated in the three-week InterACTION Bluetech 2021 program in late February through early March. Windcity (Rovereto, Italy), Aquafort AI (Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada), Arricife Energy Systems (Bilbao, Spain), Mabel Systems (Nova Scotia, Canada), Eskuad (Concepción, Chile), and Sedna Technologies (Nova Scotia, Canada). The program award was presented to Max Echeverria of Eskuad. Eskuad will receive one year of incubation at Blue Incubator, which will provide mentoring to establish a pilot in the US, as well as a desk and access to community activities.

Eskuad's software is a novel tool that increases the productivity of companies across industries. The app allows users to manage and assign tasks to team members and automatically generate reports. Eskuad enables companies to make more efficient inventory decisions, accurately calculate salaries, and manage their teams with ease. The software has direct applications for remote workers in the marine and maritime industries.

ACTION Innovation Network’s Executive Director, Joan Popolo, states that “The award selection team was impressed by this cohort of very promising companies with technologies for marine and maritime industries. The award was given to Max for his enthusiasm throughout the program and active outreach to establish meetings with partners. Eskuad has achieved significant traction, with revenues from Chilean clients. We decided that Eskuad would best be supported through the resources and connections available through Blue Incubator.”