ACTION Joins Twins' International Multihelix (TIM), a global collaborative of life science and wellness clusters

January 13, 2020

ACTION Innovation Network has joined Multihelix/Twins' International Multihelix, (TIM) as a Network Member, a global collaborative of life science technology parks. Multihelix/TIM is based in Lund, Sweden, in the Medicon Village Science Park. The network of science and technology parks, focused on life science, cleantech, wellness, and technology R&D innovation come together to create a transregional/transatlantic supercluster, addressing and solving societal challenges to improve health and wellbeing. The partners’ joint mission is to collaborate internationally to prosper regionally.

There are currently 11 international organizations representing Asia, Europe and North America making up the TIM network. ACTION is the first member from the United States.

TIM members will promote the establishment of co-operative relationships between companies, organizations, universities and investors in their respective countries, as well as promote business and trade opportunities and provide practical assistance to organizations, universities and other innovative enterprises wishing to collaborate or locate in another region in soft landing-type opportunities.

The member relationships are expected to advance international business development, encourage innovation and research collaborations and facilitate the identification of partners, collaborators and investors among the regions.

ACTION Innovation Network will attend a Conference held for all TIM members on March 24-26, 2020 in Cardiff, Wales, hosted by Life Science Hub Wales.