New Website Links Core Facilities Within University of Massachusetts System

August 29, 2017

For several years, ACTION has been an industry partner with UMass Lowell's Core Research Facilities (CRF), providing discounted fees to startups for highly specialized equipment use on campus. The CRF is a valuable resource for technology companies, providing them with access to faculty and direct access to training and self-use of specialized instruments, in addition to research testing services.

UMass campuses have a multitude of research instruments and services available to academic, government and industry researchers. Now, a new UMass core system website simplifies finding all of the UMass research cores throughout the system that provide services to early-stage companies. Companies within ACTION's member network receive up to a 23% discount on the usual cost of accessing CRF assets as a result of ACTION's industry partnership with the UMass Lowell CRF. Even more savings are realized if a company hires a UMass Lowell Co-op to train in CRF.