Dublin and New England clean-tech clusters join forces to help companies innovate

May 15, 2013


Dublin’s clean-tech cluster the Green Way is forging a new partnership with ACTION, a network of clean-tech incubators in the New England region of the US. The aim of the alliance is to speed up the commercialisation of clean technologies and to help companies in both regions tap into expertise.

The Governor of Massachusetts Deval Patrick, who is in Ireland this week to attend events such as the eHealth conference in Dublin, will be witnessing the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the Green Way and ACTION today.

Last year, the Green Way forged a similar alliance with San Jose's Environmental Business Cluster in Silicon Valley.

As for ACTION, it stands for the Association of Cleantech Incubators of New England. Its goal is to accelerate the growth of early-stage companies and create more green jobs in the New England locality.

In Dublin, the Green Way was set up in 2010 to support clean-tech companies in the region.

The new partnership between ACTION and the Green Way will aim to help clean-tech incubators and their client companies in both clusters tap into business alliances and commercialisation opportunities not available in their own localities.

Both clusters will now look to provide local support to clean-tech companies from New England and Dublin that wish to avail of services in the other region.

Such services will include strategic mentoring, investment guidance, customer acquisition advice, market intelligence and funding opportunities, according to Ronan King, who is chairman of the Green Way.

"We are creating a transatlantic clean-tech ecosystem that will create market opportunities for our members," he said.

Companies associated with the Green Way will also be eligible for membership benefits at more than 12 clean-tech incubators throughout New England. Similarly, ACTION companies will also be able to access the Green Way's resources and expertise.

"Partnerships such as this are a great benefit to both Ireland and New England," said Kevin McCarthy, vice-president, Cleantech, Energy and Utilities at Enterprise Ireland in Boston. "We look forward to working with both organisations."