Irish professionals visit local CleanTech Center

July 17, 2013

Newburyport Daily News

NEWBURYPORT — Technology professionals from Dublin, Ireland, yesterday toured start-up companies in the CleanTech Center, and plans were made to develop economic partnerships.

Representatives of the overseas group, known as Green Way, met with the Association of Cleantech Incubators (ACTION) of New England. The local clean-tech center is a member of ACTION.

Irish representatives toured the city and attended a meeting at the CleanTech Center on Mulligan Way in the business and industrial park.

Local officials said the Green Way executives visiting this city included executive director Aideen O’Hora and chairman Ronan King.

Aiding them on their tour were Mike Ryan, president of the regional ACTION organization; Bob O’Brien, president of the local clean-tech center; and center board member Greg Whalen, a Newburyport executive.

Local economic officials said that as a member of Action New England, the CleanTech Center here will “gain access to clean-tech markets, investors and technology partners in Ireland.”

Officials said the Green Way leaders will be encouraged to take advantage of economic opportunities in the New England clean-tech market.

Organizations from both sides of the Atlantic are attempting to accelerate the growth of early-stage clean-tech companies and create more green jobs locally.

O’Brien said that the implementation of green technology is growing in part because large corporations are being pressed into finding sustainable, non-polluting tech methods.

Ryan, who is based in Fall River, said, “This isn’t 2007 in the sense of strong economic times, but small, sustainable tech companies are growing.”

The Newburyport CleanTech Center is home to such client tenants as Solais, a developer of innovative FED lighting; Resolute Marine Energy, a wave-energy developer; AmRESS, a renewable energy company; CenoStar, creating products to replace mined minerals and resins for manufacturing; Functional Coatings, a green adhesive for the construction market; Asentral I.R.B, a clinical research firm; Fronetics, an advisory firm in the high tech supply chain; Dumak, an eco-packing firm; and Core Athletics, a provider of training tools.