Panel Discussion: Working with a Design Engineer for Product Manufacturability

Wednesday, October 22, 2014 5:30-7:30pm

Chestnut Innovation Center
11 Chestnut Street
Amesbury, MA

Presented by ACTION and Chestnut Innovation Center

A panel discussion with a team of experts from the Merrimack Valley!

  • James Bleck, President, Bleck Design Group, Chelmsford, MA
  • James DiBurro, President, Round Rock Consulting, Bradford, MA
  • Dan Rocconi, President & CEO, Bixby International Corp., Newburyport, MA

Design for manufacturability (DFM) is the engineering art of designing products in order to facilitate the manufacturing process and thereby reduce the product production cost. Addressing problems in the design phase provides the opportunity to correct them before costly mistakes are made.

Engineers are skilled in the design, optimization and validation of your concepts, prototypes and next generation products and systems. Why just design for functionality? Make sure your products are designed for manufacturability, and in a cost-effective way to be price competitive.

Our panelists have deep design and manufacturing industry expertise and can advise you early in the product commercialization process to help avoid costly mistakes. They will discuss the importance of designing products for manufacturability, sourcing the best materials for your product, and finding the contract manufacturer that will enable you to quickly develop low-cost, high-quality products that satisfy customer needs.

The discussion will cover:

  • the value added by working with a design engineer and how engaging early in the process can help you avoid costly rework down the line
  • how your IP might interfere with your ability to manufacture
  • what costs to expect when working with a design engineers, consultants, and prototypers
  • the importance of finding contract manufacturers that are interested in working with startups
  • how manufacturing consultants can assist with identifying the right manufacturers for you at the right time in your commercialization process
  • where to find the manufacturing resources that can serve your company’s commercialization needs

Everyone is welcome! – startups, manufacturing resources, community organizations, economic development agencies, municipalities, etc. Hope you can join us!

We will leave time for networking. Refreshments will be served. Register for the event here.

Contact Joan Popolo, Programs Director, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions.