ACTION Innovation Network renews sponsorship agreement with Altium

March 9, 2020

ACTION Innovation Network is pleased to announce that it has renewed its sponsorship agreement with Altium, LLC, a global leader in 3D PCB design software for designers and engineers. Altium Designer is a PCB and electronic design automation software package for printed circuit boards. Altium will provide the ACTION community with access to up to twenty, continental On-demand Altium Designer software license subscriptions, with an in-kind value of $300,000.

ACTION's member incubators support startups within the industry sectors of cleantech, life science, robotics, advanced materials, marine and maritime. Many of these companies will find great value in Altium's design software offering.

The subscriptions are available for use by ACTION, and startups within its member incubators, or its affiliates who are providing services to ACTION incubator participants, and valid for use within the continent of North America. Please contact jpopolo@actionnewengland if you are interested in a license for Altium Designer.