Startup Referrals to Incubators

ACTION manages an entrepreneur-to-incubator referral program that matches entrepreneurs developing startup companies focused on a wide range of clean energy, efficiency, and sustainable solutions, with the best-match incubator in our network.

We begin with a conversation to understand an overview of your startup, as well as the resources and capabilities you need to help you achieve your goals. We then distribute a company overview, along with an outline of the company development needs you identify, to ACTION member incubator directors. We coordinate the process with member incubators and the entrepreneur, to identify the best-match incubator and facilitate an introduction.

ACTION provides a network of physical incubator locations with specialized capabilities, as well as experienced executives and specialist mentors, who engage with cleantech entrepreneurs to help accelerate the growth of start-up businesses. By leveraging the resources and experience already in place within our network, partnering with an ACTIONetwork incubator can offer efficiencies in the development of your business, and help your company attain desired goals.

Please contact ACTION to learn more, and begin the process here.